Aceves ruling: Foreclosed homeowner has cause to sue bank for fraud

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A California appeals court ruled that a former homeowner's lawsuit against U.S. Bank [stock USB][/stock] for fraud may continue after the bank.

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Bank Errors Continue to Cause Wrongful Foreclosures Banks continue to blindside homeowners by foreclosing when the homeowners are still awaiting word on their application for a mortgage modification.

 · Even since, the house has been boarded up. Ibanez filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, so he now has title to the home and no obligation on the debt. The mortgage investors will take the loss.

Sample Complaint against loan servicer, trustee of mortgaged-backed securities fund, MERS and foreclosure trustee for wrongful foreclosure, quiet title, cancellation of trustee’s deed.

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Homeowners Sue Banks to Cancel Mortgage or for Wrongful Foreclosure & Punitive Damages CEPersVid 42  · If courts overwhelmed with foreclosures decide to take up the cause, the result could be millions of struggling homeowners with the banks off their backs, and millions of homes no longer on the books of some too-big-to-fail banks. Without those assets, the banks could again be.

Former Bank of America employees gave sworn statements that the bank lied to homeowners, denied loan modifications for bogus reasons and rewarded employees for sending homeowners to foreclosure.

Shadow inventory falls 28% from its peak over the last two years in clearing shadow inventory of unlisted foreclosed homes. At its peak, seriously delinquent loans represented 19.6% of all mortgages in Nevada. These have been nearly cut in half to 10.6% as of the first quarter of this year. Similarly, in Arizona, seriously delinquent mortgages have fallen from a peak of 13.2% to just.

This case has. the Bank’s cause of action to recover the entire debt accrued (and statute of limitations commenced) when he first missed a payment in February 2008. Mertola argued that missing a.

Finally, the lender might sue an offending homeowner to recover the cost of the repairs. The bank could proceed under a clause in most mortgage contracts, which prohibits the owner from destroying or damaging the secured property. However, because the foreclosed property owner often doesn’t have money, suing is rarely worth the effort.