IndyMac: Mini Bank Run, Thanks to Schumer

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Scrutiny over Indymac’s future had reached a fever pitch in recent weeks, as a leaked letter from Schumer to federal regulators questioned the financial health of the bank and led to a mini-bank.

Senator Schumer and Chairman Jeffries on Reintroducing the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act IndyMac Collapses Under Financial Woes. The run on IndyMac in the last couple of weeks probably accelerated the closure date. seabrook: But, now, the regulators are blaming Senator Schumer’s letter for these problems. Mr. ELY: Well, IndyMac’s problems are not the fault of Senator Schumer and they long predate the letter.

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IndyMac Faces Bank "Run". His comments prompted agencies to restrict IndyMac’s borrowing ability which caused the company’s operating liquidity to about $1.7 billion. Senator Schumer responded, saying that the company’s business practices and poor supervision caused its problems.

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IndyMac: Path To Failure. July 1: IndyMac responds to Schumer’s letters, saying it is working with regulators to improve its safety and soundness. Stock closes at 65 cents. July 7: IndyMac alerts the Securities and Exchange Commission that, "The Bank has continued to experience elevated levels of deposit withdrawals since Senator Schumer’s.

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