Job creation surges in June but U6 rate at 12.1%

The unemployment rate remained unchanged at the very low level of 3.4%, and remains 0.9% lower than the national average. The underlying components of the unemployment rate have also continued to suggest a strong job market: The number of unemployed was essentially unchanged in July but has declined by over 6,000 since the end of 2016.

Yet it’s much slower than the monthly pace of 281,000 new jobs during the second half of 2014. “We can’t keep going at 200,000 new jobs] a month. That’s not going to happen.” – Ethan Harris, Merrill.

Job creation surges in June but U6 rate at 12.1% Construction jobs remain stagnant, retail and fast food spike

“Mark believes in massive change at incredible speed,” said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade executive vice president of product creation, who worked with King. but he’ll be hitting into the wind in his new.

This decoupling of rates spurred recent debate of using the U-6 rate over the U-3 rate. The U-6 rate counts the people who have simply given up looking for a job, due to the poor state of the economy and those who have taken part-time work but would otherwise want to be employed full time.

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Job creation surges in June but U6 rate at 12.1%. Construction jobs remain stagnant, retail and fast food spike. July 3, 2014. Trey Garrison.

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During the reference period, the number of unemployed in the labour force, increased by 1,158,700 persons, resulting in an increase in the national unemployment rate to 13.3% in Q2 2016 from 12.1 in Q1 2016, 10.4% in Q4 2015 from 9.9% in Q3 2015 and from 8.2% in Q2 2015.

Job creation broke out in February, with the economy creating a net 236,000 new jobs as the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent. Private job creation stood at a robust 246,000, finally.

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