LIVE BLOG: State of the Union

Live Blog: The State of the Union. The State of the Union was streamed live on the home page. Immediately afterward, we showed the Republican response, given by Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana. In addition, we offered live updates, tweets, fact checking and analysis of the best moments, highlights and low lights in real time.

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 · Trump Boasts, Incorrectly, That His State of the Union Drew the Largest Viewership President Trump’s State of the Union address this year drew fewer viewers than eight other annual presidential speeches, including one of his own.

2.5 million homes in foreclosure, shadow inventory rising: John Burns The so-called "shadow inventory" of homes — those with severely delinquent mortgages, in foreclosure or already repossessed that have not yet been put on the market — has significantly grown since the administration took office and is estimated to range from 5 to 7 million homes. Through June, borrowers in foreclosure have been delinquent for.

Hello and welcome to Monday’s live blog. From politics to sports to entertainment. 07:00 am: Amit Shah has promised to.

FOX 4’s “Power Panel” is live blogged during tonight’s State of the Union.

From January 10 up until the State. of the Union. If a teaser, passing mention, or discussion was specifically about the caravan, we included it. Shows that re-aired during the hours of the study.

SOTU Highlights: Donald Trump asks parties to 'choose greatness' and work together Live Blog: Preamble to the State of the Union. Honoring Gabrielle Giffords: Members of Congress and other political leaders will be wearing black and white ribbons in honor of the Arizona congresswoman who was seriously wounded in a mass shooting earlier this month, CBS News confirms. Reps.

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The State of the Union is set to begin at 9 pm Eastern tonight. We will be live blogging both the president’s speech and the Democratic response. The president said the American economy is the hottest anywhere and unemployment has reached new lows. But the cheers mostly came from Republicans.

Live blog of President Trump’s first State of the Union speech tonight. Follow along or watch the embedding live stream. cbsn coverage starts at 5 p.m. ET and continues through Mr. Trump’s speech.

President Obama has delivered his final State of the Union address, talking about ISIS, the future and Trumpism. During his hour-long speech, President Obama did not mention the unfolding situation in the Persian Gulf, where 10 U.S. sailors were being detailed by Iran after their two Navy boats drifted off course.