NAR President: We want GSE reform to take place now

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President Donald Trump this week chose jerome "Jay" Powell to lead the Federal Reserve. Here are five things we need to know about the new Fed chief. NOW READING 5 things we want to know about the Fed’s new leader. Whether the Trump administration will make GSE reform a priority next year.

The real estate industry’s wish list for president-elect donald trump arrived two days after Election Day. Packets like the 41-page memo from The Real Estate Roundtable. peers want to see the.

NAR President: We want GSE reform to take place now Down Payment Assistance Officially Dead, For Now Title insurers fear future government shutdown consequences

Treasury report advocates slashing GSE jumbo loan ceiling The man who used to be opposition leader, Tony Abbott, was right: Australia has a "budget emergency". By 2023. Grattan Institute’s new report, Balancing budgets: tough choices we need, shows how it.FHFA: Mortgage rates continue to climb While the federal housing financing agency (fhfa) cap for each agency was $35 billion, well over 50 percent of their combined production was considered uncapped business.. Interest rates remain.

From the New York site: The National Association of Realtors is not only the largest real estate lobbying force on the Hill, but one of the largest lobbying groups period.

The grunt work took place over the past several years, as the Federal Housing Finance Agency (which has overseen the safety and soundness of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the past 10-plus years) oversaw efforts by the government-sponsored enterprises and their joint venture, Common Securities Solutions (CSS), to develop the Common Securitization Platform.

“I think that my colleagues and I want to see how far we can take it in this particular Congress,” he said. The bipartisan approach for reform was lauded. the head of the National Association of.

Enter Bill Killmer, senior vice president of legislative and political affairs at the mortgage bankers association. the debate on an issue like GSE reform, but Mr. Hensarling is going to have some.

On the call today are Brian Mitts, Executive Vice President. we bought 725,737 shares at an average price of $22.58, or $16.4 million. So of the $30 million we gone through over half of that and.

STEVEN T. MNUCHIN: Well, this is something that is important to us. We want to have GSE reform but we also want to have more broadly housing reform. We’ll look at FHA. We want to make sure if we fix the GSEs, we don’t end up with too much risk at FHA on the government balance sheet with their market share increasing.