Revenge of the Nerds: QSPEs an Endangered Species

What’s cute, cuddly, and becoming an endangered species? Okay, the panda. But what about the teen idol? Last year, the multimillion-dollar heartthrob business went bust, failing to find new boy.

Qualified Special Purpose Entities (QSPEs) are vehicles sometimes used for off-balance sheet securitisations, and as such, have come in for quite some flak over the past few months. The QSPE enshrines the idea that in securing off-balance sheet or "sale treatment" for assets, the bank or originator must have given up control of those assets.

Ever since the Digital Age started, many traditional institutions such mailed letters have been in a state of decline. In fact, it’s extinct. Well, at least, Christmas Cards Are An Endangered Species with young adults that don’t know how to properly address an envelope. There’s an app out there available that you can mimic hand written notes, have them digitally created, then the company will.

The Visual Effects Society summed it up by saying "the amazing irony is that while 47 of the top 50 films of all time are visual effects driven and billions of dollars of profits are generated yearly, the actual people who create the work are becoming an endangered species in California."

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The epitome of this demonisation came with 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds, justly reviled but somehow spawning sequels into the next decade. At the same time, however, geeks were taking over behind.

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All inventors have their ups and downs. Thomas Edison wanted to make pianos out of cement and Henry Ford tried to invent a nuclear car. Popular Science recently went through their 138 years of.

Read this article on Questia. Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA) Revenge of the Nerds We’ll See Player ‘Smarts’ Rewarded throughout College Football during the Coming Bowl Season

The debate about the differences between geeks and nerds has been raging for years but a scientist believes he has come up with a mathematical equation that may finally put the argument to rest..

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