Someone is stealing For Sale signs in Phoenix and no one knows why

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Illegal Signs. The right-of-way varies widely throughout the city of Phoenix. As a general rule, it includes streets, curbs, medians, traffic lights, utility poles, and unimproved shoulders of streets up to private property and generally two-and-a-half feet beyond sidewalks. Placing signs in these areas is illegal.

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Fortunately, there is one glimmer of good news. that interest into an actual sale can require some extreme measures. It’s not enough to show buyers your house is a deal: You have to convince them.

Until one Sunday I saw a jogger stop and pick up my open house sign and fling it into the bushes. I asked him why did you do that and he had a rant about all the ugly signs and how they got in his way when he was running. I suggested that he just run around the signs and I fueled more of his rant.

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