Zillow stock is uniquely positioned

(ZG) Zillow created a non-voting Class C stock that was divvied up between its Class A and B shareholders, who got two shares each of the new stock for each share they owned. The C shares trade under the old "Z" ticker on the Nasdaq exchange, while the A shares now trade as ZG.

(ZG) The integration of software between the retail ends of the two businesses and the industry-facing ones is seen as the greatest challenge, even by management. The stock split changes none of that, other than providing Zillow with the means to conduct more such transactions,

As the founders tell it, Zillow’s future changed dramatically during a weekend email exchange among colleagues. One.

You can live in the US and Canada at the same time for $109K — See the home.. Due to its 1950s condition and unique position, Zillow. Photos: Zillow. Photos: Zillow.

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Zillow has a decent reputation in the marketplace but their company culture internally is cut throat. There are a lot of intelligent employees at Zillow, however I don’t recommend anyone who is serious about their career, and who wants to grow, to apply here.

Most recently, she spent 13 years in leadership roles at Zillow Group, beginning as a founding team member at Zillow in 2005, and serving first as Chief Marketing Officer, then Chief Operating Officer, growing Zillow from unknown startup to a household name with 186 million monthly users and a portfolio of home-related brands.

I expect Zillow’s profit growth to continue as long as the economy remains robust. However, I think now is a risky time to take a position in this stock. Valuations and dependence on Premier Agent.

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